Is your website??

50% or more of all internet activity is occurring on digital devices! If your site isn't meeting those users needs then your competitor's site might be! We can develop a website that functions as expected not only on your desktop/laptop but on your tablet or phone! Our method allows you to keep all the information on your site without having to have a second "mobile" app or dot mobi site. Easy to navigate pages including photo galleries.

Custom & Professional

Bright Hope Designs is your total website design company located in El Dorado County. We create custom websites that compliment your company's look and feel. We can also help with website promotion, including but not limited to social media, domain name procurement and hosting needs. We submit your website to search engines in addition to putting your site in our portfolios so that the search engines will find you that much faster.

Expensive? Not!

Have goods or services you need to get to market? Interested in adding an eCommerce website design to your existing brick-and-mortar business? Why not set up an eCommerce website? We can develop an eCommerce website design that can keep your existing customers coming back and that will attract new customers to your goods and services.

We do it for you!

Bright Hope Designs is not just a website design company. We are a total web managment company that can fully manage your internet presence. By having Bright Hope Designs manage your website and social media it frees you up to run your business. You are in the business of making your business successful, we are in the business of making your website a success, let Bright Hope Designs manage your website.

Do it yourself?

Do you want to manage your own site? Change text or images without having to send an email to your webmaster? We can set up a Wordpress platform for you so that you can make changes to your site whenever you'd like.

Build Relationships!

Today, Social Media Marketing and Social Networking are where the internet is going. Websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Twitter, Habbo, YouTube and Flikr are changing the face of the web, the way people interact, and the way business is being done. We will help you keep up to speed with all those by posting to those sites on a regular basis, keeping your presense "out there" while you're busy running your business.

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