Our Mission Statement

The mission of Bright Hope Designs is to provide custom, original website development, as well as related services for your small to medium sized business or agricultural enterprise, while at the same time providing the absolute best in customer service and support.

Link Exchange Policy

This resource directory page is dedicated to listing websites relevant to the needs of small businesses and agriculture only, if you have a business resource you think our clients might be interested in then please observe the link exchange policy below: We are interested in linking with ONLY RELEVANT SITES. We engage in link exchanges based on whether or not we think our clients will find your website useful in developing their business first and things such as "Page rank" or link popularity are distant secondary concerns. If you don't have a professional, quality, relevant website then please do not apply.

  • Your site must provide credible business or agribusiness related information, product or service.
  • Your site must obey Google's Webmaster Guidelines. We refuse to have partnerships with websites having illicit practices that may lead to a site being removed entirely from the Google index. If the page-rank of the homepage of your website is zero, please give us evidence to prove that your website is not punished by Google.
  • Your website may not contain any material that may be considered an illegal, abusive or unethical use of the World Wide Web (Internet), our Web hosting service, the Host server or BRIGHT HOPE DESIGNS. Abusive and/or unethical materials and uses include, but are not limited to, pornography, obscenity, nudity, violations of privacy, computer viruses, harassment, any illegal activity, advocacy of any illegal or unethical activity, spamming, any infringement of privacy, liable or slander. Bright Hope Designs reserves the right to determine what is and is not abusive and/or unethical materials and uses.
  • Casino banners or any type of gaming affiliate websites are prohibited.
  • Your website may not have automated Free-For-All links (FFA) page or any type of link farm.
  • Your website must be written in English or have an English version.
  • Your website must have its own domain name (Exceptions to this rule may be accepted if your website is of very high quality).
  • The page containing the link to our website must be identifiable and reachable from the homepage of your website.
  • Your website must contain a privacy policy that is identifiable and reachable from the homepage.

When linking to Bright Hope Designs;

    You may NOT:
  • Unlawfully use any of our copyright material.
  • Pass off any content that currently resides on our website as your own. This would include putting the page inside a "frame" on your website and misrepresenting that it is part of your website.
  • Promote any religious organization or have a social agenda.
    You MUST have:
  • A clearly defined owner of the website, an easily located contact page and a public "Whois" listing. If you have a private "Whois", please provide access to the registrar to verify the registered owner of the website.
"We continually receive wonderful feedback about our Island Fractional Homes website. The lay-out, placement of photos and contents, and ease of navigation are all exceptional. In addition, the expert advice and quick turn-around in addressing short-term changes has been wonderful. I recommend Bright Home Designs without question."
Randall Harris, Owner
Island Fractional Homes, LLC