Custom Website Design - The Process...

Bright Hope Designs feels it's critical to the success of your custom website design project for you to understand our approach to creating your website. We want you to have a firm understanding of the website design process and "big picture" for the creation of your website.

With this website design process in place we are able to deliver your custom website on time and within budget. See what our clients say in the "testimonial" sections throughout this site. They say it all!

Phase I - Initial Meeting

The goal of this initial meeting is to discuss the scope and expectations of the custom website project. This is an opportunity for all those involved in the decision making to be heard and to hear what Bright Hope Designs can do for them. In addition, all items needed for the successful completion of the website design are identified and a timeline for delivery is mapped out. At this time a Domain Name is chosen (with alternatives named in the event the first choice is unavailable). We will reserve the best name for your company based on these pre-approved choices.
  • We will collect the URLs of website designs you like with notes as to what it is you like about each website. These websites do not have to be related to your business industry. We use these websites to get a clear idea of your direction and tastes.
  • We will at this time discuss the best keywords that describe your business. These will help the search engines find your business once your website goes live.
  • A timeline is then developed to determine what will be included in the website design and when it will be delivered to our design team.
  • Based on the information gathered at this meeting we will develop a quote of charges.
Once the quote is approved, and the contract is signed and returned with the deposit amount the fun will begin!

Phase II - Design Prototyping

The goal of this step is for our website design team to present at least 2-3 different concept looks for comment/suggestions/changes. These will be DRAFT concepts intended to show colors, graphics and navigation. These concepts will reside on our "testing" server with access available only to Bright Hope Designs staff and its client. At no time will these DRAFT copies be published for public viewing.
From these choices the client will make their final choice of how the website will appear in its final form. This is a critical part of the process due to the fact that everything from this point forward will be done with this final website design in mind.
Assembly of all necessary items for the website design will begin. Bright Hope Designs also offers additional website solution services that can help make this part of the process easier for the client to accomplish:
  • Website Consulting and Marketing - we can work with you to help gather and organize the appropriate content for your website.
  • Photography - we can take the crucial images for your website that will enhance the look, feel and message of your website.
  • Content writing - we have the resources available to help with this ever important aspect of your website.
  • SEO - we will research keywords/phrases for your industry to be used by search engines.

Phase III - Final Design Prototyping

Once a website design has been chosen, a working version of it will be created in HTML for another review. We do this to ensure the “look” matches the “feel” the client expects. Any changes are made before any content is added.
We now begin to build the complete website. A DRAFT copy will again be placed on the testing server so that the client has continued access as to the progress of the website design development. Any changes/suggestions during this phase need to be sent via email. Major changes in website design and layout at this point are subject to additional charges.

Phase IV - Making it Final!

Once final approval from the client is received by Bright Hope Designs via email the DRAFT website will be moved to the client URL and tested again. The website will be registered with the major search engines and directories with the keywords provided in Phase I.
Success in any business is the result of hard work, time and a host of uncontrolled factors. No expressed or implied guarantees of income, search engine ranking or website traffic are made when purchasing a website design from Bright Hope Designs.

Phase V - Maintenance

One key to having a successful website design is to keep the website updated with new and relevant content. We offer two website maintenance options to choose from and will work with you to determine which best fits your situation.
Once your website is live and you need changes and updates, just give us a call or send us and email with your change request. We are always happy to help and timely in our response.
" ROCK! Thank you for all your help in the design of our new web site http://www.countertopalt…. You were a pleasure to work with and very patient with us getting all the information to you that was needed. I love the design we came up with and then to see it up and running is great! Thanks again and I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a new web design. Thank you so much!!!!"
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