Do you need a Website Redesign or just an Update?

Keeping your website design current and interesting is critical to the survival of any website. When your website is out of date or just not working the way you’d like, it’s time to look at redesigning it! (or at the very least updating the website!) Websites are living, breathing entities continuously needing to be updated, refined and improved. Don’t allow your current website design to make a bad “first impression".

A few minutes on the internet and you will find a number of website designs that are looking old and/or out of date. It is no longer good enough to “just” have a website. Your website design needs to capture the attention of your audience by having new, engaging information on a regular basis or as fast as the visitors came to your website they will be off to see what your competition has to offer.

Your website is usually the first and only way you have to make an impression on your clients and potential new clients. Having a website design that is new, exciting and informative will turn internet surfers into customers.

In addition, having a website that functions well across the varied devices in todays world is paramount to your success! Visitors won't return to a site if it doesn't render well on their handheld devices. Is it time to convert your existing site to a mobile friendly site??

Bright Hope Designs specializes in website redesign and website updates. Our staff will develop a website redesign, sometimes needing to start from scratch, that will achieve an effective and innovative website presence.

Website redesigns doen't have to be painful. When working with Bright Hope Designs you get the benefit of a wide variety of people with the passion and talent to make your website redesign experience a pleasant one. You will be working with a team of skilled and experienced website designers and programmers, dedicated to providing our clients with what they want and need.

When redesigning and or updating a website design we work with the client to establish what is working for them on their present website as well as what is not working. We visit the competition to see what's happening elsewhere and what that audience is used to seeing. We study the way the current website design is laid out and how easy it is to navigate. We also look “behind the scenes” to see what the search engines see and incorporate this information into the website redesign process. We look to see what needs to stay on the website and what can be eliminated in order to provide a visually appealing and usable website design that will invite and encourage prospects to want more information and eventually turn into paying customers.

Our website redesigns work! We have clients that will back up this statement!

If it's time for a makeover, give us a call.

"I would be happy to recommend Bright Hope Designs to any of my clients, family, or friends. I didn't know anything about creating a website and their staff was incredibly patient explaining everything to me and helping me thru the process. I've only received positive feedback on my website and I've even had a few inquiries about who created my site from other business owners that are shopping for a new website or are unhappy with the one they have. I'm very happy with my decision to have Bright Hope Designs help me advertise to potential new clients that are shopping on the internet."
Jessica Russell
Russell Financial Services